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Friday, November 4, 2016

Middle School Interactive Math Notebook {Grade 7}

Do you use Interactive Math Notebooks? This is an engaging Interactive Math Notebook Bundle for Grade 7. Every Common Core State Standard is addressed in this Bundle. It is very versatile and easy to use for any student. 

This Middle School Interactive Math Notebook Bundle is a COMPLETE BUNDLE covering ALL 7th grade Common Core Standards! This Bundle is 20% OFF the original price of all total interactive math notebook activities. 

Each Interactive Math Notebook Activity includes 4 different activities {vocabulary, notes, practice, and applications} for that skill set addressed. These activities are easily teacher facilitated {as the teacher you give the instruction and the students then cut, glue, paste, and engage in the activities on their own with limited guiding}. You can use 1 or all 4 of the activities included to meet the needs of your students. Also included is the Middle School Interactive Math Notebooks 101 Guide. {Click HERE to PREVIEW}. 

There are over 300 PAGES of Interactive Math Notebook Activities for students to be actively participating in Mathematics with. All of the activities have students engaging in the learning process and making learning gains for themselves. These activities are rigorous and add depth to any Grade 7 Mathematics Classroom. As always, these are activities that I have used in the classroom and only share them with you because they WORK, are EFFECTIVE, and INCREASE student learning gains! Check out the Bundle HERE to see what Interactive Math Notebooks could do for your students.