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Friday, January 3, 2020

Solving Math Word Problems - 2020 Challenge

Do your students struggle to read math word problems? 

Do they know how to quickly solve a math word problem? 

Solving math word problems doesn't have to be a ten-step process. Learning the basics will help your students succeed in understanding math word problems. Once students understand the types of word problems they read, then they will become better problem solvers. It's simple. It starts with teaching. How are you training your students to think mathematically?

Solving Math Word Problems - 2020 Challenge

The 2020 Challenge for Solving Math Word Problems is intended to get your students reading and understanding how to answer math word problems. The challenge is for your students to solve math problems for at least 10 minutes on as many days as possible. They’ll win the challenge by solving word problem for 20 days in January. 

Why do the Math Word Problem 2020 Challenge? 

1. Students Gain a Better Understanding. 

Doing the challenge helps your students start a new year connecting to math. Students will make new connections with math and become familiar with understanding math word problems. 

2. Students Get a Set of Strategies. 

They will learn new plans and strategies to implement problem solving. Students will become proficient at reading math word problems and using these key problem-solving skills to find a solution. Teaching these strategies will improve your students’ reading skills too. 

3. Students Grow into Problem Solvers. 

They may just find themselves getting better at reading math word problems, solving, and sharing with others how to implement problem solving strategies. Training your students to practice daily will help them become better problem solvers.

It’s simple to get started. Download the Challenge today!

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