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Sunday, January 26, 2020

How to Get Students to Do Homework

Do you have students that don't do their homework? 

Do you have students who forget to turn in their math homework?

Do you have students that need a reminder to complete their math work?

Grades were turned in for the second quarter last week. Do your students turn in all their assignments? Getting students to complete all of their assignments before grades are due is a challenge.

How to get students to do homework

To encourage students to turn in math assignments I send home a parent letter. This is a great motivation for 100% assignment completion. Involving parents in the process works well. They are eager to help and have their student complete the work.

The parent letter is an excellent reminder for students. We all need a reminder about important events. Reminders help us remember what we need to accomplish. Reminders keep us on the path to success. As teachers, we don’t always have to be the reminder. A reminder can be a sticker, a bracelet, a text message, an email or a piece of paper.

There are other incentives to turning in math homework on time. Students who turn it in on time receive an award certificate of all completed assignments, the feeling of achievement, the relief of being "done" with homework for the quarter, and they don't have to serve a lunch detention to complete the missing assignments. 

Do you have students that haven't completed assignments and know they will not do them? The best solution to getting students to finish missing work that matters is to have them complete a missing work lunch detention. Before you assign the lunch detention make it clear that this is for academic purposes. Students must complete the missing assignment to be released from the lunch detention and they must attend the lunch detention until they have finished the missing assignment(s). Some schools call this "lunch buddy" program. Having students finish important assignments for academic value and a grade can improve their mindset that getting assignments completed will help them in the future. 

Do you still have students that will not complete the assignments? Let's look at what you've assigned over the quarter. Read this blog post about grading assignments and review the quarterly assigned assignments. You have the power as a teacher to give and take away assignments to help a student achieve success. You can help them become a better student that turns in their assignments.

I’m sharing this grading reminder with you. It’s helped students make a connection between work effort and grades. Students develop a growth mindset with this process. They learn that turning in all of their assignments improves their grades. Yes! This progression helps illustrate that they should always use their best effort first rather than wait until grades are due.

I've included an award certificate for you too! You've made it through the first quarter and deserve recognition for your efforts. 👏👏👏 Click HERE to download it today!
Happy Teaching!