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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Thanksgiving Classroom Ideas

Need Thanksgiving Classroom Ideas?

Planning a Thanksgiving Math Activity?

There are great ideas for Thanksgiving classroom parties. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate party or project. Students are content and happy with a small Thanksgiving activity. Here are some tips for having a successful Thanksgiving party in your classroom. Try one or all of these tips and your students will have a great time in your classroom this year!

 Try an activity with food or with paper food.

1. Limit Food Consumption. 

Depending on your school policy for Thanksgiving and other holidays, error on the side of less is more. Students will want to have food, pie, and share in this wonderful friendly holiday tradition. In preparation have a small food related activity for students to celebrate success or good behavior (if school policy allows it). An alternative to food is a free homework pass. It's a sugar free reward system that students will find value in. 

Talk about Thanksgiving Meal Costs.

2. Place Book Bags in Front of Room. 

Keeping book bags in the front of the classroom allows for less distractions. Students are less tempted to get in their bag for more items. Your classroom will have less behavior problems, less time talking about the book bags and other items, and more time focused on learning.

Review math skills with Thanksgiving Coloring activities and games.

3. Plan a Thanksgiving Math or Black Friday Activity. 

Your entire lesson plan does not have to be Thanksgiving based, but if you acknowledge the day with a short activity, your students might be more engaged. Creating an environment to celebrate and acknowledge fun holidays is always helpful in developing rapport with your students. Would having a in class be helpful in building relationships with students? Do your students ? Try a new Thanksgiving activity with them this year.

Happy Thanksgiving!