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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Math Centers Writing Prompts

Do you use math centers?

Do you have math centers with writing prompts?

Math Centers are the perfect addition to any math class. Students can independently work at each center and complete math tasks, with a partner or the group of 4 students. Math Centers can include vocabulary and writing prompts to aide students in writing math responses for short response and extended responses.

Math Centers Writing Prompts

Math Writing Centers can be implemented with a scaffolded approach. This approach helps students learn the process of writing math, how to use appropriate terms, and make sense of the mathematical concepts. It involves a simple 3-step approach to scaffolding the math writing process. The 3-step approach goes from beginner to mastery level of math skills. Follow these three steps to help your students writing more math.

1. Use a Vocabulary List

Prepare a list of math terms for the month. Have students practice those words throughout the month until they are fluently using them. A vocabulary list should have 12-15 words. Each month change out the vocabulary list with new words. By the end of the year students will have reviewed the entire list of grade level math terms.

2. Practice Writing Sentences

Students need to have the opportunity to practice writing math. Help students by scaffolding how to write math sentences. At the math writing center, give students vocabulary sentences with missing terms. Students will use context clues to figure out how to complete the sentences. 

3. Independent Writing 

After practicing how to write sentences, students should be able to write their own. Give students a math writing center assignment to write their own sentences. Students will have to complete the four to six sentences by the end of the class. This is a great assignment to get students thinking, reading, and writing math concepts.

Writing math does not come naturally for all students. It's a skill that needs to be taught and practiced. Using a math writing center in your classroom is one way to get your students writing more math. The best time to start writing is now. Grab the FREE Math Writing Center Checklist today!

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