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Friday, September 6, 2019

3 Strategies for Practicing Math Vocabulary

Do your students struggle with math?

Do your students know their math vocabulary?

3 Strategies For Practicing Math Vocabulary 

Math is a language like English, French, or Spanish. There are key concepts in math that need to be explained and well defined. How do your students understand math vocabulary? Do you have them practice the terms? Here are three strategies to use with your students for practicing new math vocabulary words.

1. Make an Interactive Math Word Wall. 

What do you display on your classroom walls? Do your students create it or is it teacher made? Have your students create an Interactive Math Word Wall. Students will write the definitions and pictures for each word. Display their work on post-it notes beside or below the math word. Students will enjoy creating this word wall in your classroom. They will even ask if they can "cheat" and look at it during a quiz or test. Why do they ask this? It is a helpful reference for them to be reminded what the vocabulary word means. Math is a language that needs to be modeled and taught daily for comprehension.

2. Make a Math Writing Center

Do your students know how to write math? Do they need a scaffolded approach to using math word in context? Try using a Math Writing Center. When you do math centers or math workshops in your classroom have one center be writing math only. Students will work on writing sentences with important grade level math terms. This will help build students' math writing confidence. Students need to practice with a scaffolded approach. This is a great solution for students to learn how to write math terms in the appropriate context.

3. Make a Vocabulary Notebook. 

How do your students learn and record new vocabulary? Do your students make math vocabulary maps? Students will take ownership of their Math Vocabulary Notebook. Have students write 3-5 terms per week. Students will add new math vocabulary word maps to their notebooks every week. At the end of the year they will have completed the entire year's list of grade level vocabulary.

Using math vocabulary notebooks is one way to practice vocabulary every week. Try a FREE math vocabulary map today!

Free Math Vocabulary Cards

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