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Monday, September 23, 2019

3 Reasons for Math Fluency Practice

Are your students fluent in speaking math? 

Are your students fluent in writing math? 

Math fluency is an important skill for students to master. How do your students understand math vocabulary? Do they interact and practice math terms in your classroom? Here are three reasons for practicing math vocabulary for fluency. 

3 Reasons for Math Fluency Practice

  1. Without Math Vocabulary, nothing can be conveyed. How do you answer a math question without math vocabulary? Take this sentence for example. When Justin used order of operations, he multiplied three and eight, and then added five. He found the sum was twenty-nine. Now take out all of the math vocabulary words. When Justin used math, he took three and eight, and then got five. He found the number was twenty-nine. I'm sure you've seen responses like this. The best way to quickly model how to use vocabulary is to not use it. What did Justin do? Is he a magician? Where did he get twenty-nine? How did he get twenty-nine? Share with students the importance of using vocabulary and meaning in Math.

  2. The larger your Math Vocabulary, the easier it becomes to learn new words. Do your students know what grade level vocabulary words look like? A sixth grader who has third grade vocabulary skills cannot be expected to write and answer sixth grade math writing prompts on grade level. Increasing your students' vocabulary will help them be able to learn new terms quickly with the strategies you've given them. The best way to increase vocabulary is with vocabulary cards and sentences. Learn, practice, and apply it! 

  3. Increasing your Math Vocabulary lets you focus on more challenging words. How do your students learn and record new vocabulary? Do your students expand on their vocabulary or know the basics? A student in an advanced math class may not come in with advanced vocabulary. Challenge your students to learn above grade level math terms when appropriate. If math writing responses are lacking, what should students be practicing? What vocabulary should they be learning?
Improve your students' fluency and try a math vocabulary exercise today! 

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