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Saturday, June 29, 2019

How to Create a Positive Classroom Environment

Are you ready to start your school year?

Do you have a creative classroom environment?

Do you want to make your classroom more inclusive?

This blog post is part of a blog series "6 Things GREAT Teachers Do" that will share teacher tips for setting your classroom up for success. With practical tips and techniques that have been used in the classroom, this will be a helpful series for any teacher looking to create a better classroom community. 

How to Create a Positive Classroom Environment

1. Setting up your classroom 

When you are preparing to order your classroom think about how your students will interact. Create a classroom community with your desk arraignment. Make the desks orderly and have purpose. It's best to pair desks for partner activities or put desks in fours for group activities.

2. Color Palette

Did you know that certain colors inspire creativity and learning? Yes it's true. If you were in a classroom with walls painted black you would be inspired to sleep. On the opposite side of the color wheel, if you were in a classroom that had walls painted white you would feel cold and stark. So what is the best color to paint your classroom or add a pop of color with a bulletin board? BLUE. Blue is a great color that gives order, direction, and peace. It is one of the most popular colors for classrooms above green (second) and yellow (third). Blues are easy to incorporate from light blue to teal to navy blues. There are many different shades and even using blue ombre in the classroom today is a trend. Try it the next time you plan a bulletin board! 

3. Positive Motivation

Creating positive motivation for students does not have to be difficult. Find positive phrases to give students. Having specific posters that you can refer to throughout the year can help. Use these Growth Mindset Posters to share with your students that they may not know everything yet, but with a positive mindset they can learn anything!

Creating a Growth Mindset is a process. Have you heard that practice makes perfect? Continue to work with students by saying these phrases daily to promote using effort and hard work to preserve. Students will internalize these phrases and remember the strategies for learning.

Creating a Positive Classroom Environment starts with you. Help create a positive classroom for your students and try one of these tips today!

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Happy Teaching!