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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Math Exit Slips and Levels of Understanding Posters

Do you want your students to self-assess their learning?

Do your students need a quick system for evaluating their knowledge?

Do you want students to be able to tell you what they know more easily?

Math Exit Slips are designed to organize student work and assess student knowledge from Math lessons. This resource has 4 different ways to use Math Exit Slips. Levels of Understanding Posters are also included to review with students how to reflect upon their own learning process and understanding of Math. This is a great tool for students to organize their answers and for teachers to manage & assess students' learning in your classroom. 

Getting students to acknowledge where they are in their learning process is helpful to get them to the end goal of mastery. Being honest about what they don't understand is key to getting students the help they need to understand and achieve success in mathematics. 

Included are: 
-NO PREP Math Exit Slips for your classroom
-Versions with Daily or Weekly Exit Slips included
-4 different versions to assess students in your classroom
-Levels of Understanding Posters Included 
-Helps to manage teacher facilitated activities

These exit slips are easy to collect and grade daily or weekly. Students can get feedback and make connections in the learning process. A great way to use these is for end of lesson feedback, teacher observations, pop quiz grade, or as an informal student assessment.  

Happy Teaching!