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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Groundhog Day Elementary Math Activities

Are you preparing for Groundhog day?

Do you want to incorporate Math into a fun day of groundhogs?

Do you want to engage your students in the Math of Groundhog Day?

Are you ready for February 2? These Groundhog's Day activities are NO PREP and great for any Math class! This packet teaches students about the Groundhog's Day Math, how to make compare measurements to a groundhog's measurements, applications of Groundhog's Day Math, Fun Multiplication, Division, and Decimal games! Use this packet for bellwork, classwork, extra credit, fast finishers, or homework.

This Groundhog's Day Elementary Math Activities Packet features: 

*3 different Engaging Math Activities
*NO PREP, Print & GO Activities! (Only materials needed: scissors, 4 different colored crayons or markers, and a pencil). 
*FUN & rigorous activities centered on elementary math curriculum
*Topics covered: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Operations with Decimals, Measurement, Geometry, and Real World Applications with word problems

Activities include:

-Groundhog's Day Math {2 versions with answer key}
-Groundhog Measurement {six-inch ruler included}
-Spin for Spring {4 versions}

I hope these Groundhog Day Math activities engage your students in thinking mathematically about today's event. Helping students to see math in the real world and how it applies to their lives is key to engagement. Have fun and let's hope Phil doesn't see his shadow!

Happy Groundhog Day!