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Thursday, August 17, 2017

All About That Flair

Do you know how to brighten a teacher's day?

Give them a flair pen or two!

I don't know what I would without my flair pens. They are versatile, colorful, and a great gift for any teacher during the school year or summer. They are great for outlining, making items bold, giving a pop of color to notes, and much more.

I use flair pens with all my resources to make answer keys, highlight important information for students, and they are great for grading papers. I also love a great deal and wanted tell you that Amazon has a great deal on flair pens right now. If you haven't tried them, get the 4-pack as a starter set. Though I'm sure you'll find out that you'll love them and should just get the 16-pack instead.

Happy Teaching!