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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Testing Motivation NO PREP Mint Labels FREEBIE

Are you preparing for testing season?

Are you thinking of last minute ways to motivate your students?

Here's one way to tell your students that you care for them, are thinking about them, and want them to do their VERY BEST on the TEST!

What I used: Eggs (12 for $0.89 from Target), Market Pantry Starlight Mints ($1.89 with Cartwheel coupon from Target), and Avery White Easy Peel Address labels for 5160 ($19.99 from Costco last year).

STEP 1: Just put 2 to 3 peppermints in each egg.

STEP 2: Print & add labels to each egg.

Teacher Testimony:  I have personally used these Testing Motivation NO PREP Mint Labels in my classroom for several years. I've used them in special bags, Ziploc bags, or just handed out the mint with a note not on an Avery label. Students were always surprised that I thought of them personally. Students went home that day from testing and told their parents about what a special note they had received from their teacher. Those parents emailed my principal and were thankful that I took the time to make their child feel special and motivate them to do their PERSONAL BEST on the test!

Sometimes the smallest kindest gesture to a student could make their testing experience that much SWEETER. I hope these Labels are a motivator for your students and they feel that you personally want them to do THEIR BEST on the test.

Happy Motivating!