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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

NO PREP Math Activities for Earth Day 2017

Are you planning on celebrating Earth Day this year?

If you said YES, here are some activities for your students to try!

Solving 1-Step & 2-Step Equations with Recycling

Finding Monetary Rates for Recyclable Items

Solving 1-Step & 2-Step Equations with Reusing Products

A Fun Operations With Integer Puzzle to Solve

If you would like to check out this resource click HERE to view Earth Day Middle School Math Activities Packet. It includes five different engaging math activities centered on reviewing math curriculum. HIGH QUALITY CLIPART is included. Topics covered: Operations with 1-Step & 2-Step Equations, Operations with Money, Operations with Percents and Decimals, Solving 1-Step & 2-Step Equations, and Operations with Integers. I hope you &  your students have a great Earth Day!  

Happy Earth Day!