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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Middle School Math Foldable Notes: Statistics & Probability {Grade 7}

One of my favorite ways to take notes is with Foldable Notes. This is an easy way to get students to create their own notes and develop the Math concepts in their own writing. I have two NO PREP Foldable Note sets for 7th grade Statistics & Probability. These are easy to print and go! You can use a scaffolded approach or just print for absent students. It's a great alternative to traditional note taking!!

This sets include:
-8 different NO PREP Math Foldable Notes to engage students in note taking
-Teacher facilitated activity for 15-20 minutes of classroom time each
-PRINT & GO foldable notes that are ready with NO PREP
-Directions for using Math Foldables in your classroom
-Options for scaffolding with blank templates

Middle School Math Foldable Notes: Statistics & Probabilit
Math Foldable Notes: Statistics & Probability
These math foldable notes are for students to be able to apply and extend understandings of statistics to gain information, use data and draw inferences, assess data, use measures of central tendency, understand probability of chance events, approximate the probability of an event, develop probability models, and find probabilities of compound events. 

Happy Note Taking!