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Monday, December 12, 2016

Math Activities for December that WORK!

Teachers Pay Teachers is a great website for sharing lessons and activities for the holidays. Finding the right activity for your students can often be a daunting task. Here are some teacher testimonials of Holiday December activities and lessons that worked for others:

December NO PREP Math Packets {Click HERE for grades 3-8}
December NO PREP Math Packet - 4th GradeDecember NO PREP Math Packet - 5th GradeDecember NO PREP Math Packet - 6th GradeDecember NO PREP Math Packet - 7th Grade
"Good resource for my 4th grade challenge kids!" -L.L.T.
"This was great for my 5th graders! Thank you!" -T.C.L.
"Love it!" -James
"This was a great resource for the crazy week before Christmas. Thanks!" -Sara
"perfect for winter break!" -M.R.P.
"Thumbs up!" -April
"Just what I was looking for. :)" -H.M.
"Thank you! This was a perfect supplement for our math curriculum when we were ending a chapter and had a few days before break! Great review and challenge!" -Teacher
"Great resource. Thanks!" -Pamela
"Great resource for December Math!" -Jennifer
"Great variety!" -Gail

December WRITE THE ROOM with Math {Click HERE for grades 3-8

"This is great for reviewing math vocabulary- thanks!" -C.A.
"Love this! will do it the day before we get of for Christmas as a great review." -Jannique

Middle School Math Holiday Game Project {Reindeer Games}
Middle School Math Holiday Game Project {Reindeer Games}
"I used this in an after school program, and the students seemed to enjoy it. If we had the time during the school day, I think my students would enjoy it as well!" -Stephanie
"Great!" -Bonnie

I hope these activities are helpful and engaging resources in your classrooms too! These December resources not only help bring in the holiday spirit of the season, they are also a great review of math for all students.

Happy Holidays!