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Friday, December 9, 2016

December WRITE THE ROOM with Math - Grades 6, 7, 8

I love incorporating Math vocabulary into almost any Middle School Math Class. WHY? It's all for the student growth that teachers see when students put together concepts and vocabulary terms. That is FANTASTIC! I encourage you to check into my Math Vocabulary resources to help your students make connections in Math and TALK about Math more with the correct terms. When students TALK more about the Math, they are making connections, and mastering KEY math concepts.

This month I have created a set of vocabulary packets for Middle School students to work with their vocabulary with a holiday theme. Each packet contains grade level specific vocabulary. Check out the previews to see what words are in each grade level activity.

Get students moving, talking, and writing Math Vocabulary in your classroom with any of these sets of Math Vocabulary Sentences. The purpose of this resource is to help students with increasing their mathematics vocabulary. Students write the Math sentences on their paper with scaffolded practice. Students are provided a list of vocabulary words to use to complete the sentences. Students will be engaged and more confident practicing using math vocabulary.
I hope these NO PREP Write the Room vocabulary activities can be a success in your classroom too! It's a great way to bring in cheer and rigor during this busy holiday season.