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Monday, September 19, 2016

Middle School Math Stations for 8th Grade

Have you been introduced to Math Stations? When I first heard about these I was hesitant to start using them in my classroom because I thought it would be time consuming making all these station activities. I have great news, I've created a NO PREP set and would love to share it with you!

Math Stations (also called Math Workshops) is a system of different types of activities in the classroom for the students to complete based on the same topic. I have created the 8th Grade Math Stations BUNDLE to cover all of the Math topics related to grade eight and also cover all of the eighth grade common core standards.

These Math Stations activities are helpful to students in that they review concepts, practice Math, apply Math, and read about the Math in the real world. There are many different ways you can use these stations as they are versatile for the teacher to pick and choose which ones you want to use on any given day. If you already use Math stations in your classroom these can complement your set with additional practice and applications for students to review Common Core Standards.

This Middle School Math Station Bundle is a COMPLETED BUNDLE covering ALL 8th grade Common Core Standards!

{Click HERE to view the BUNDLE}

This Bundle is 20% OFF the original price of all total math stations.

Included are the following Math Stations:

Math Stations: Real Numbers
Math Stations: Exponents & Scientific Notation
Math Stations: Proportional Relationships
Math Stations: Non-Proportional Relationships
Math Stations: Writing Linear Equations
Math Stations: Functions
Math Stations: Linear Equations
Math Stations: Solving Systems of Linear Equations
Math Stations: Transformations & Congruence
Math Stations: Transformations & Similarity
Math Stations: Angle Relationships in Parallel Lines & Triangles
Math Stations: The Pythagorean Theorem
Math Stations: Volume
Math Stations: Scatter Plots
Math Stations: Two-Way Tables

I used this resource in my classroom as a means of practice and review for all the 8th grade standards. My students scores excelled and they enjoyed independently working with their classmates on the different tasks. I hope your students have the same success with Math Stations in your classroom!