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Friday, August 26, 2016

Interactive Math Notebook: Progress Monitoring RTI Activities {Grades 6 to 8}

It's only August, so you may have already started assessing your students for their prior knowledge in Mathematics. If you haven't you are not behind the curve. At the beginning of the year students are still settling in and learning your procedures. I have a tool for you that would be another great procedural activity for your classroom that will give you BIG returns on investment. Getting your students to work independently on Math Mastery is something that every teacher needs to nurture in their own classroom. Making on-going progress monitoring a key part of your classroom can help aide in your students BIG picture of Math Mastery. I have a resource that can be helpful in getting your students to monitor their OWN Math Mastery and to help you in the RTI process. {Every student can benefit from this resource, it's not just "RTI Tier 2" students that are monitored and aided for learning disabilities. This is a preventative resource to help students from sliding too far from Grade Level Mastery of Math Concepts}.

What is Progress Monitoring?
Progress monitoring is a scientifically based practice that is used to assess students' academic performance and evaluate the effectiveness of instruction. Progress monitoring can be implemented with individual students or an entire class. {Source:}.

Interactive Math Notebook: Progress Monitoring RTI ActivitInteractive Math Notebook: Progress Monitoring RTI ActivitInteractive Math Notebook: Progress Monitoring RTI Activit
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These interactive notebook activities are intended to help students master all common core standards in Grade 6, 7, and 8. These Progress Monitoring {RTI} activities take the role from the teacher and places responsibility on the student. The student is the one in charge of their Math Mastery and the student is responsible for recording and turning in those reports to you! Middle School students are capable of doing this and will if you properly train them. Make students OWN their Math Mastery today! 

Included in each Grade Level Packet are:

-4 Interactive Math Notebook activities to engage students in taking ownership of their Math Mastery of CCSS or Standards for your school {There is a blank version for every activity where students fill in the standard if you do not follow CCSS}.

-1 NO PREP Bulletin Board activity where students are acknowledged and praised for their Math Mastery of standards. {There is a blank version of this if you do not follow CCSS}.

-Teacher facilitated activities for 10-30 minutes of classroom time

-Examples of Completed Interactive Math Notebook Activities are included

I hope these activities prove to be awesome resources in your classroom too. The NO PREP Bulletin Board activity I used in my class for five years and at two different middle schools. I had several principals walk through my classroom and they ALWAYS noted how they loved the student created wall of Math Mastery Data. Not only did the principals take note of this, but as I began to give my students more ownership of their data my scores went up and I had the highest scores in the school. I didn't have the highest scores because I had the "best/gifted/smartest students", but because I taught my students to take ownership of their Math Mastery. This was such a success in my previous classes, that I know this can be a valuable resource for your students too!