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Friday, August 28, 2020

How to Assign Digital Math Activities

Is your school going virtual this year? 

Do you want to assign digital math activities that help your students? 

How to Assign Digital Math Activities

Assigning digital math activities doesn't have to be difficult. Students will do work in small chunks. Think about how you will assign the math activities beforehand. After setting up the expectations for the assignment, then give your students time to complete and turn it in. 

Assign Digital Math Activities Using Google Apps

The best way to assign digital math activities is with Google Apps. There are a plethora of math activities for students to complete with Google Apps. The possibilities are endless. 

Students can access Google Slides with moveable pieces. Create different math equations and solutions with number tiles that they move (as pictured above). Students enjoy being able to have an interactive part with their learning. 

Students also can create different presentations and math projects with Google Slides. This is great for students looking to make their own learning. Google Forms are an awesome tool for self grading. Students receive instant results based on how they answer questions. 

Types of Digital Math Activities

  • Vocabulary math activities help students practice terms in context. Students gain conceptual understanding and master key words for math. 
  • Practice math activities aide students in developing skills. Giving students ten problems or less of practice ensures that they will complete their assignments. 
  • Assessment math activities allows teachers to see where the students are. Did they master the skill or are the kids still developing? 

Try a Digital Math Activity today!  

The following digital math activities are all free for use with Google Apps. 

Happy Teaching!