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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Interactive Math Notebooks 6th Grade

Do you use activities in math class?

Do your students have interactive math notebooks?

Interactive Math Notebooks are great tools for middle school math. Students can be creative, take ownership, and show math growth all in one notebook. Interactive Notebooks are meant to encourage students to be independent learners and creators of their math knowledge.

Interactive Math Notebooks 6th Grade

What is an Interactive Math Notebook? 

The purpose of the Interactive Notebook is to help students be independent thinkers and writers of math. Interactive notebooks are used for class notes as well as for other math activities. Students should be expressing their own ideas and processing the math concepts presented in class. 

What are the benefits of an Interactive Math Notebook? 

Using Interactive Math Notebooks (IMNs) in class has several benefits for student learning.
  1. Provides classroom management and organization
  2. Differentiates the learning process for students
  3. Encourages student ownership of math skills 
Students benefit from using IMNs in math class every day. You can even allow students to take their IMNs home to study, or only use them as tools in the classroom. 

What does an Interactive Math Notebook look like? 

An Interactive Math Notebook is a composition notebook that students can use for a semester or an entire school year. In the front is a table of contents with the list of what is included in the notebook. Each page is numbered and has a math activity, notes, or skill practiced. The notebook is set up by the students and for the students. The notebook is a student centered activity and is only assessed by the teacher weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Students create in their math notebooks and make meaning of skills. 

Students used real world examples in their notebooks.

How do I start an Interactive Math Notebook? 

Students will need a notebook or journal to write all of their math concepts in. Make it easy for students to keep track of their activities with a Table of Contents. Try to add one math activity, notes, or practice a day. The best way to start is by trying an interactive math notebook activity today!

Try an
Interactive Math Notebook Activity!

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    Interactive Math Notebooks can be a success in your classroom too. The key is to stay consistent. Try a new math activity, notes, or practice every day with your students. Watch as your students take ownership and pride of the math notebooks they create.

    Happy Teaching!