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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Retesting in Math Class

Do you allow students to retest?

Do you have a system for retesting?

Testing and grading is necessary for any classroom environment. Students need to know from their teachers how well they are performing. To measure that performance a test is required. Is it okay to give a test more than once? Do you allow your students to retest if they do not perform well the first time? 

Retesting in Math Class

Retesting and grading can be done many different ways. Some of the most popular ways to grade are with letters (A, B, C) or for mastery (on target, progressing). Regardless of your grading system, grades need to be distributed fairly and given with regularly.

In the last blog post “Grading Math Assignments”, a grading system for math tests was explained. It’s important to know how to properly grade a math test before it is given. The key components for grading need to be in place to give a fair test. 

Key Components for Retesting

1.       Why retest?

What’s the point? Why are you retesting? What are you assessing? The end goal should be apparent. For example, the students need to know how to add integers. The retest should reflect the student showing that they understanding that skill.

2.       What to test?

What do the students need to know? For example, the students need to know how to add integers. The test should then only be about adding integers. There should be no confusing or off topic questions. Keep the goal simple. Keep the test goal aligned to the content.

3.       When to retest?

Students need to be given a time after the first math test to stop and reflect. After being given a test the first thing the students look at is the grade. “Wow I scored a ….!” The reaction then gives way to automatic self-reflection. Students instantly know why they scored the way they did. They don’t need a four point scale to know why they didn’t earn a passing grade. Students know for themselves if they prepared, practiced, and know the material. 

4.       How do you retest?

When your students are ready to retest you can be ready. Have a retest form already prepared. What’s your plan? Tell your students what they need to do to retest. Click HERE to use the retest form in Math class
Retests are opportunities for students to show growth.

Retesting in math class doesn’t have to be difficult. Make a plan. How do you want to retest? What will be on the retest? When will you allow your students to retest? The next time your students take a test think about how you will give retest opportunities too. 
Want to learn more about helping your students with Test retakes? Watch the PD Video today! >>Click HERE<< 

Happy Teaching!