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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Planning for Next School Year

When do you plan for the next school year?

What should I plan for the next school year?

Planning for Next School Year 

Planning for the next school year is never a bad idea. It's not too early to start now! If you do some things now, you won't have to do them in August. August is such a busy time with meetings, meet the teacher, and other school events that take away from your planning time. Plan now, and save yourself time in August. Here are five things you can do now:

1. Your Class Syllabus. 

Prepare your syllabus this summer. Make sure you include all the important information for students and parents. Making your syllabus ahead of time will save time in August.

2. Seating Chart. 

Do you use a seating chart to get to know your students? Try using a seating chart to memorize all your students names within the first five days.

3. Get to Know your students activities. 

How do you build relationships with your students? Do you use "Get to Know You" activities? Research shows that when you acknowledge students by name and build a teacher-student relationship, they will become more accountable to your class. 

4. Back to School Math Activities.

Get Back to School ready with some activities to engage for your students on day 1. These math activities review key math skills and help develop math fluency.

5. Make a Back to School Prep Box. 

Include a to do list, already made copies, activities, calendars, and more. Prepare all the things you will need for August in one box. Make it easily accessible for you the first week back. You should be able to get everything you need ready made from the box.

The box snaps to close and store all of your back to school papers. Include your master copies, calendar, and any other Back to School activity in this accessible box.

These are a great start at getting yourself ready for next school year. August will be here before you know it! Try one of these planning tips today and thank yourself in August!!

Happy Teaching,