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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

3 Ways You Should Use Math Stations

Do you use Math Stations in your middle school classroom? Do you have your students practice working independently in your class? Do you facilitate or teach more? There are many reasons you should start using them today!

3 Ways You Should Use Math Stations

1. Students become independent learners.
Middle School students want to prove they are older and independent. They ask for tasks that they can work on by themselves or with a partner. When planning math lessons its always important to have a component of independence for the students. You can do this with math workshops. Set the students up for success with a rotation plan to complete all the tasks. Give explicit instructions and watch them achieve success. 

2. Students develop collaborating skills.
Kids learn to work together in groups. Either with a partner or up to 3 other students. This helps them learn how to problem solve and see a problem from another person's perspective. 

3. Students grow in math proficiency.
Ultimately the goal is to help students. Help your students by using math stations weekly or biweekly in the classroom. Math stations are great for reviewing concepts and practicing skills.  

The Math Stations 101 Guide is a must read eBook of how to implement Math Stations in your classroom. Teachers who have read it and implemented math stations in their classrooms said: 

"This resource helped me get started with learning centers in my classroom...thank you!!" -Nicole

"I never knew all the steps to create station but now I do! It was very simple to do because of the specific instructions. Thanks for that." -Tracey

"I am thinking about starting math stations with my middle school classes and this is going to be a great help. Thanks." -Lisa

Math Workshops can work in your classroom too. Giving your students the opportunity to learn and be independent will help their math development. Try one today! Click HERE to download a free math workshops guide and stations activities. 

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