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Monday, March 4, 2019

Reading Logs Grow & Guide Student Reading

Do you use reading logs with your students?

Have you found an easy method for recording and collecting what they've read?
Reading logs come in all shapes and sizes. The best ones are those that engage the reader, involve the parents/guardians, and help develop life long readers. Students should have a goal for daily reading. Giving them a visual reading log helps them to see what they have accomplished. Visual reading logs can be given weekly or monthly. Motivating and engaging students in reading is vital to improving their daily reading fluency. Start your students on a daily reading log challenge today!

Reading Logs - Weekly

Students color in each star for five minutes they've read on the weekly reading logs. Then write down which books they have read each week. It's easy to assign on a Monday for the week and collect the following Monday. You can involve parents by having them sign the weekly reading logs. Involving parents in the reading process helps show children how reading is an important skill that needs to be practiced daily.

Reading Logs - Monthly 

Students color in each star for five minutes of daily reading. This reading log is perfect for monthly homework packets or folders. Parents sign the reading log once a month. By having parents check and sign the reading log, it helps reiterate that reading is an important skill that students need to continuously work on.

Using reading logs will help foster a love of reading with your students. Encourage them to read in small time sessions of  five minutes to build up their reading stamina. Students may not be able to sit and read for a whole twenty minutes. Giving them the opportunity to grow and develop reading habits is important.

Happy Reading!