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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Writing Math in January (Grades 3-5)

Do your students need practice with writing?

Do your students struggle with learning vocabulary?

Getting your students to write Math more leads to deeper understanding of concepts. When learning any new language you will read and write it many times before you are fluent. Writing Math is a skill that needs to be practiced before it can be applied. Practicing vocabulary and writing will improve your students' test scores. Students who are able to express their math thoughts in writing are better able to talk about math.

A great January activity for writing Math is WRITE THE ROOM with Math. Included are 14 vocabulary terms, sentences, writing papers, rubric, and answer keys. Students write grade level vocabulary terms with a scaffolded approach. There are many different ways to use this activity. You can give the sentences with vocabulary terms or with fill-in-the blanks where students have to figure out the vocabulary words. Students build upon prior knowledge of concepts and use content clues to figure out which terms go with each sentence.

 WRITE THE ROOM with Math can be used just like a task card activity at students' desks or as a gallery walk. The main focus of the activity is getting the students to think, write, and talk Math. Having students practice and apply vocabulary increase their understanding and in turn will help them to make more connections between concepts.

Getting your students to write Math, leads to a deeper understanding of concepts. Watch your students' knowledge grow as they become fluent in writing.

Challenge your students to write more Math this year. January is a great starting point before testing season. Watch your students accept the challenge to write more and master their vocabulary lists.

Happy Teaching!